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Top 10 Remodeling Projects with the Most Bang for your Buck


If you are thinking about doing some remodeling, you should know that all projects are not equal.  Most people remodel because they want to change the appearance of their home in some way to make the home more livable or comfortable for them.  You also should think about the amount of money that you can expect to recoup when you sell your home.  You can’t say that I spent $10,000 doing a remodel so my house should now be worth $10,000 more.  I guess you can say that but that’s not exactly how it works.  There are cases where an upgrade will yield more than the money you paid for it but this is most often not the case.

Here is a chart that will give you some perspective on what percentage of your money spent can realistically be recouped upon a sale of the home.  remodeling projects imageHowever, certain remodels can actually lower the price of the home.  It all depends on what you do, what colors you use and what is the remodel going to do to the available square footage and livability of the home.

Something you might consider is to get an opinion from a Realtor.  They can do a current market analysis (CMA) on your home and can tell you what the standard amenities are in the homes in your area.  You can also do your own survey by visiting homes in your neighborhood.  If your home is in an area that has tile counter tops as a standard and you upgrade to top of the line granite counter tops then you can’t expect to recoup a lot of the money you’ve spent when selling your home.

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