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4 Top Blunders when Searching for a Home Online

The Internet is the number one place that potential buyers go to search for a new home.  In fact, over 87% of potential home buyers start their search on the internet.  It can be the best way to search or it can be a nightmare and consume far too much of your precious time.  To help you streamline the process, here are 4 of the top home buying blunders and how to avoid them.

1.  Assuming you can do it all yourselfHouse of Cash

Searching for homes on line is one thing but some people think they can do it all themselves without the help of a licensed Realtor.  In California, the paperwork is overwhelming and the lawsuits are numerous.  It behooves you to begin your search on line but contact a Realtor to follow through on your purchase.  A Realtor can save you so much time, aggravation and possible litigation and the best thing is that it will cost you nothing.

2.  Focusing too narrowly or on the wrong sites is a great site to use to find homes for sale.  However, it provides homes only and doesn’t give information on the local community, schools, shopping, etc.  Google maps can give you an idea of the terrain and what’s close to a house that you might be looking at but that’s all.  What you really need to look at is a Realtor’s site that has the ability to browse the MLS, Multiple Listing Service, as well as provide local information about the community.  A home is a big purchase and you want to get all the facts before making a decision.  My site at has specific local information about Brentwood, Antioch, Oakley and Discovery Bay and allows you to search the MLS as well.  It also provides helpful tips and information for home buyers and sellers.

3.  Fake Listings

The internet is a giant playground for scammers and the online home buying arena is not immune.  Beware of those that have an objective that is not above board.  If you stick to and individual Realtor sites then you shouldn’t have a problem.  Craigslist is also a great site to use when searching for a home but it is also a place where unscrupulous people try to take advantage of home buyers.

4.  Putting too much credence on Home Valuation Websites

There are sites like, and that spend lots of money to advertise their sites and have become very popular with potential home buyers.  Beware of the information that is provided.  Depending on the particular area, the pricing information can be off by an extreme amount.  In one case, a potential home buyer came to me and said a home in a certain neighborhood had just sold for a little over $14,000.  When I looked it up, the home had sold for over $400,000 at auction.  In another case, a potential home buyer came to me and wanted to purchase a home that was not actually for sale.  He had seen the home on Zillow and was very interested because the price was low.  These types of mistakes are common on these sites as their data is uploaded from other sites in bulk.


The bottom line is to enlist the services of a licensed Realtor to assist you in the process of finding your dream home.  A Realtor can save you money as well as save you time.  I will gladly assist you in your home buying quest.


Good Luck with your house hunting.


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