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Why has the U.S. not recovered from the recession after more than 5 years?  Why has the average American lost purchasing power?  Why has the average American lost income growth?   Why is the middle class shrinking? The simple answer is the government. How can we get Americans working and back on track?  First, let’s analyze… Continued

September 27, 2016

Buyer Optimism is UP!

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Buyers are very optimistic that home prices will increase in the next 5 and 10 years as per the following from  Does this optimism correspond to our market?  The short answer is yes but there is more to the story.  While prices have continued to rise, homes are staying on the market for a… Continued

December 11, 2013

Housing market another battlefield for U.S. Vets

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Source: The San Francisco Chronicle New data reveals that our nation’s veterans face unique challenges when it comes to achieving homeownership. When members of our military leave active duty and return to the United States, in most cases they do not return to a home they own. In fact, only 18 percent of veterans return… Continued

November 15, 2013